Monday, October 21, 2013

A.G.E. class

that's short for adolescent growth education. i already cringed at the idea of it last school year when malia learned about the female reproductive system and the possibility of getting her period soon.

then she thought she got her period but didn't. 

this year, they've been having more discussions. then she wanted to wear sports bras. i just laughed inside. she's so small, she doesn't need it at all.

last week they discussed bad touches, which was good so they could identify what molestation is.

but, still more discussions.

so today, this was our conversation:
Malia: oh my gosh mom, in a.g.e. class today we learned how a sperm gets to an egg, and eww!
Me: they taught you that?
Malia: some people asked, they wanted to know. i don't know if i wanna talk about it, it's gross!
Me: me either, but what exactly did they say?
Malia: they explained how the thing goes (she starts using her fingers to show me)
Me: ok we don't have to talk about it, and yes it's gross, but that's only for adults who are married and want kids.
Malia: but does that mean you did, umm i don't wanna talk about it. i don't like a.g.e. class anymore!
Me: i don't like it either.
 she went to watch tv, and i went to text Roel to never touch me again LOL.