Saturday, September 7, 2013

malia's first 5K

malia and i did the aloha run 5K this morning. she likes to run and it seemed like a lot of fun so i signed us up for it.

here we are waiting to start.

i think she got too excited seeing everyone running, so she ran her heart out for the first mile. and of course, her "jogging" was equivalent to my fast running. i felt like i was chasing her or running away from something and my heart was going to come out of my chest. i don't run, i can jog slowly, but not for a long period of time. so she ran ahead of me and stopped every now and then to let me catch up.

but halfway into it, she ran out of steam, and my little hare became a tortoise. she just wanted to walk and even stop and sit down. i just encouraged her to walk slowly. it was hot, and her face was red. here she is with our little cooling towel.

we jogged through the finish line. and she was happy to get her hula girl medal.

the skirt moves, it's cute.

we ate all the free food afterward with arn, betty, and rose. it was hot, but we did it, and it was fun.

malia said she would do another 5K with me in the future. i told her we should train. i would love to be able to keep up with her one day. wait, what did i get myself into?