Friday, April 6, 2012

fake or real?

me: micah, i forgot to tell you that chuck e cheese said happy half birthday to you.

micah: he did? then how come he didn't give me a present?

me: he'll give you a present if you go there. he'll give you tokens to play games, and then you can get tickets for prizes.

micah: oh. remember when we went there last time and joel was scared of him?

me: how about you, were you scared of him?

micah: no, because i know he's not real.

me: are you sure he's not real?

micah: ya, because it's a costume. and i saw a net where his mouth is. it's just like mickey mouse. when i was taking a picture with him, i looked under his head and saw a net. it's all fake.

me: what?!!!! but i love mickey mouse!!! i think he's real!

micah: nah, it's fake mom.

me: but i still think he's real. can i still love mickey mouse?

micah: ya sure.

me: do you still love mickey mouse?

micah: i still love mickey mouse.

i could tell that malia was having a hard time on who she agreed with. it's a fine line. she always has questions. she's a true believer in magic and fairy tells. but other kids always make her wonder if things/people are real. don't even get me started with her questions on God and faith. i always tell her it's real if she believes in it. she will figure it all out on her own.