Thursday, April 26, 2012

bring your child to work day

it was micah's turn this time. malia has come to 2 bring your child to work day events, so she was a little sad that she wasn't coming. micah was really excited.

we got to my work at 6:45am. he was a little shy at first but still said hi and good morning to everyone i introduced him to. i had him put labels on envelopes first since he was fresh and in good listener mode.

then he took a picture for his ID badge. and while we waited for that, there was breakfast and arts & crafts to do.

then the presentations started. micah liked police officer greg, especially when he showed his taser gun.

the SD fire fighters were cool too. all the kids were able to use the fire hose.

the event ended with a certificate of participation, pizza, and goody bags.

he had a blast. micah thinks it's this fun at my work every day. i wish it were.