Wednesday, March 23, 2011

fits are funny

every parent dreads tantrums or fits because it requires more patience on our part. and when kids throw fits in public, it's even worse. my kids occasionally cry in the store if we can't buy them something they want. malia will beg, become a broken record, and then whine. micah will cry, get mad, and raise his voice. but for the most part, they have learned to look and put the toys back.

at home, micah usually has fits because he can't do something or because i won't give him candy. he usually says,"but i want to" or "but i want it!" then he either crosses his arms or stands there and does this thing where it looks like he's hammering his leg. and he has his mad face on. and when he does it, i can't help but bust out laughing. it's so cute to me. so then he gets more mad, says, "don't laugh at me mama," and then storms off to another room. and i'm still laughing. roel's good at keeping stern and will only laugh when micah's not looking.

malia really only throws big fits when she's tired. all of a sudden she becomes extremely whiny and everything she says is just in a whiny tone and starts crying. it's funny because she just keeps talking in the same tone and is still trying to do stuff. but then it starts to hurt my ears. so i make her lay down or go to sleep. her little fits aren't so bad because she just starts drawing broken hearts and makes notes.

i'm always repeating the phrase we learned from micah's school:
you get what you get, and you don't throw a fit!