Sunday, March 27, 2011

first visit to the ER

we normally go to urgent care if it's after office hours, but since it was really late last night, we went to the ER. micah had an allergic reaction to something he ate. he was throwing up, broke out in hives, and wasn't responding to the benadryl. poor thing, even his scalp had hives. and when i asked him to try not to scratch because it was making it worse, he said,"but i like to scratch."
they took us back right away because it was an allergic reaction, but of course we were still there for a total of 3 and a half hours. probably because he was still throwing up there too and we couldn't leave until he kept the meds down. he was such a good patient. i was surprised considering all the stories malia had told him about the ER. she's so afraid to go there because of her experiences she had when she had pneumonia. but micah never cried. all he kept asking was, "are we done yet?" and when he would throw up he would just say,"i throw up mama, can you clean it up?" and after we were settled back at home at 4am, he woke up an hour later with hives again. at least benadryl helped that time.

when we talked about it this morning, he said in a disappointed tone, "i wanted to ride in the ambulance." hopefully it will be his first and last visit to the ER.