Friday, August 13, 2010

m&m's over me

sometimes i'm late for work because the kids wake up. it used to throw me off because i hate to be late for work, until i realized that sometimes timing is everything. too many times when i was running late, i would see an accident on the freeway. i can't help but think that it might have been me in the accident if i were on time that day. they probably saved my life.

this morning, micah woke up early and wouldn't let me leave for work. "i don't want you to leave," he said, "i go to work with you." so i turned on cartoons and gave him some milk. usually that's when he forgets about me and i can sneak out. not the case today. he came with me to pack lunches and lay out clothes. then malia woke up and wanted me to comb her hair, and micah didn't want me to help her. when i was finally putting on my shoes, he came crying again, "i don't want you to leave me." i tried to get him excited about playing at school and told him that i would pick him up as usual, but that didn't work. so i asked him, "if i give you two m&m's, will you let me go to work?" he was still kind of crying but he said yes. when i came back with the m&m's, i held them out and said,"bye micah i love you." he grabbed them, smiled and said, "bye mom, i love you." nice. now, should i have been relieved that we didn't leave on a bad note or should i be sad that he chose the m&m's over me?