Wednesday, August 11, 2010

curriculum night

it was curriculum night at lia's school. when i sat down at malia's desk, i knew what i would see inside, a mess. she is so funny and completely the opposite of me. there were papers, crayons & pencils everywhere. and an empty apple chips bag. i remember my books in my desk arranged according to size and my eraser even had a special place. so i cleaned it up. i tried to take a picture of her messy desk with my phone, but the teacher was coming. her teacher informed the parents about what the students are learning and what is expected of them by the end of the year. that is the least of my worries. i worry about her behavior, because it could impede learning. but her teacher says that so far, she's doing well and she is very fond of her. malia has one of the highest rated 2nd grade teachers this year. there are perks of having a hubby that works there :).