Friday, March 19, 2010

weekend in julian

last weekend, we went to julian to celebrate my auntie nene and uncle bobby's 50th wedding anniversary. what a momentous occasion! they are relatives on my dad's side and they've been a part of my life for as long as i can remember. i adore their whole family.

m&m were excited to go for the short getaway, but they don't like long drives, just like me. micah was the first one asking, "are we there yet?" when he got tired of looking at the rocks and trees, he fell asleep. it was super cold and windy in julian, but still fun. we stayed at the Julian Lodge, our first stay at a bed & breakfast.

this is the response i got when i asked them to pose for
pictures. can you tell micah doesn't like to take pictures?

the mass was at St Elizabeth of Hungary Catholic Church given by Father Moraga. and the reception was at the Julian Grille. everything was just beautiful. here are some highlights:

micah didn't want to stand under the sign to take a picture. so we told
him there was a bug on the sign. it was the only way to get him under it.