Tuesday, March 30, 2010

happy half birthday micah

my micah kalel is now 2 and a half years old! such a big boy. he chose to make cookies instead of a cake to celebrate. we gave him a practical gift for his half birthday... a potty. he was excited to open up his froggy potty, he wanted to take it in every room that he went. and then he just wanted to sit on it like a regular chair. before bed, we put the potty in its "home" in the bathroom and i asked him if he wanted to try peeing in his potty. he said, "yup." so he sat and watched himself pee. i think malia was the most excited for him. then he sat there and started to poop too. he was very proud of himself. and so, potty training has begun. i won't be that strict yet and transition to underwear because he still asks for milk occasionally at night. plus i'm not ready for that. once the underwear is on, there's no turning back. maybe in a couple of months. i'm just glad he's interested and likes his potty.