Wednesday, September 23, 2009

twinkle toes

malia has been asking for skechers 'twinkle toes' shoes since school started in july. one of her classmates has them. they are a bit pricey so she had to earn them. she finally earned them by getting 100% on all her tests and for good behavior in class. i took her to the mall last friday so she could choose which one she wanted. she wore them out of the store and i could tell she was walking slowly so that people would notice her new shoes. i actually heard someone pass by us and say, "cute shoes." too funny. she was so sad when she got sick that evening and couldn't go to 2 parties over the weekend to wear her shoes. and she was devastated when she found out she wasn't going to school on monday or tuesday and couldn't show her friends her new shoes. she went back to school today. when i picked her up, she had a huge smile on her face because i noticed she was wearing her twinkle toes. she's not even 6 yet and is already acting like a tween obsessed with fashion! i'm guess i'm okay with that as long as she knows that the twinkle toes won't be shining outside of the closet unless she keeps up the good work in school. is this how my mom felt when i asked for things? and this is only the beginning.