Friday, September 25, 2009

teacher time

micah starts preschool next thursday. the director of the preschool suggested i take him in before then just to help with the transition. so this morning, he met his soon to be teachers, ms. romo and ms. gonzalez. micah immediately began to explore the room as soon as we got there and chose some toys to play with. he had some, but not much interaction with the other kids during free play time. then he happily ate a snack with them. when it came to circle time, micah only sat for a minute then got up to play. the teachers said all the new kids usually just want to explore the room first and then when they are comfortable, they will participate in circle time. of course he went for the cars, guitars, and trains first. we only stayed for an hour, but it was enough to tell that he will be fine there. i was glad that we were able to go there today, it really eased some of my worries. and it's heartwarming that they include jesus and prayer as part of their day. after that, i dropped micah off to daycare.

then it was off to malia's school for parent-teacher conference. malia loves her teacher, ms. rogale. she loves every teacher she has. ms. rogale says malia is doing excellent. the only thing we really need to work on with her is her narrative writing skills. not my area of expertise, but i can still learn. it still amazes me what they teach kids these days at such a young age. anyways, she said that malia has adapted very well to the structured-based classroom setting, considering she came from the montessori environment which is unstructured. and that malia is doing a great job abiding by the rules in the classroom. we're so proud of her! now if we could just get her to follow those same rules at, then she wouldn't be such a character.

i'm happy with all the teachers, couldn't ask for better ones. and meeting with them is a good reminder that we as parents are our kids' first and foremost teachers.