Thursday, January 22, 2009

my malia?

had a parent-teacher conference with malia's teachers today. they said malia's doing very well in class. she works independently, is reading/spelling some 4 letter words, doing well in math, excellent with her motor skills, a wiz at art, and is social & friendly. of course at every parent-teacher conference, i'm thinking, "really, my daughter?" somehow she must cross into a different dimension once she enters that school gate. but every parent has told me about how kids act better at school than at home. i'm very proud of her and do see all of her potential. she's already in the advanced kinder class and will soon be in advanced math. (future math teacher daddy is proud of that!) as they continued to tell me all the great things malia does, i was waiting for the "but." and sure enough it was, "but sometimes when working next to a good friend she tends to talk a lot." that's when i knew we were talking about the same girl.