Thursday, January 8, 2009

malia's view

wanted to blog last night, but we got home a little later than expected. our friend's father passed away and the viewing/rosary was last night. we knew we couldn't take micah because there was no way he would stay still or quiet, but malia wanted to come with me. i had explained to her beforehand where we were going and why. it wasn't in too much detail, but she understood that auntie cindy's dad went to heaven (where grandma letty is) and we were going to pray for him. we sat with the choir and sang during the rosary. then afterward, she kept wanting to approach the casket and i'm not really comfortable with that. so she went with auntie claris. it was later when we came home that i realized auntie claris had explained other details to her, of course malia asked her some questions. just before going to bed, malia asked me why they would bury auntie cindy's dad if he was going to heaven. she also confirmed with me that grandma letty was buried. so i told her about spirits, that they go to heaven when bodies don't work anymore. she really understood all of it and proceeded to tell me that she thought all spirits went inside God because he loves them. she never ceases to amaze me. oh, grandma letty must really enjoy being her angel.