Saturday, August 16, 2008


until he found his hands, micah enjoyed his soothie pacifier. it was great because that meant i wouldn't have to wean him off of it later on, but at the same time i wanted to have it help him sleep better at night just as it helped malia. he's been fine without one. instead of a pacifier, i just have to pack toys for him to bite on. but for a month now, we've noticed that he likes to continue to suck on his bottle long after he's finished his milk. he doesn't seem to want more milk, just wants to suck on his bottle. i've tried giving him the old pacifier and even other kinds, but he refuses, just wants the empty bottle. and it's funny because you can hear him just getting air. so i try not to let him do it too much, but he likes it. this week, i did a little experiment. since he still doesn't sleep continuously through the night, i left a clean bottle in his crib. when he woke up a couple of times and rolled around, he found the clean bottle, put it in his mouth for a bit, and fell back asleep. so i guess that's his pacifier? works for me. what a funny boy.