Friday, August 8, 2008

layered look

everyone that has come to the house has experienced a malia fashion show. this girl changes up to 10 times a day if we're at home all day. thank God she's not packing a bag of outfits to change into while we're out. she'll go through dresses, skirts, and princess dress up outfits. at first it was cute, but now i have to turn my head so she won't see me rolling my eyes when she's standing in front of the mirror and turning to view every angle of her outfit. i wanted to put a stop to the whole ordeal, but it's probably just a phase, and she seems to be developing her own sense of style, so who am i to stand in the way of that. this past week, it has escalated to another level. the dresses are now being layered, one dress on top of another, sometimes 3 dresses at once. i told her that no other girl wears 2 dresses at the same time. she seemed proud to be the first one to do it.

not a picture of her layered look, but the headband as a belt look