Wednesday, April 9, 2014

oral surgery consultation

malia's mouth has already cost a fortune. and it continues to cost me more money, but this time it isn't her fault. we were sent to the orthodontist because her teeth were crowded. but then the orthodontist sent us to the oral surgeon because her xray showed that she had a tooth up by her nose that wasn't coming down.

the 3D xrays at the oral surgeon show that the tooth up by her nose isn't vertical like it's supposed to be. it is horizontal and has made a hole in her cheekbone. the 2 options were: attach a chain to the tooth and pull it periodically in hopes it would come down OR just extract it. of course, she chose the extraction right away. but the first option was only a 40% chance of it coming down, so the extraction was the way to go. she will have her surgery in june.