Saturday, February 8, 2014

the zoo

yay for the zoo! we pretty much go to the zoo once every year or every other year. roel is not fond of the zoo and i don't want to see monkeys so that probably explains it. my kids are wild monkeys so i don't need to go to the zoo to see them. but the kids love to go, so that's why we'll go.

even better to go in a big group! these kids saw a rhino pee for what seemed like 2 minutes straight, right in front of them. they saw snakes, insects, desert tortoises and rode on the tour bus. m&m got to see their beloved pandas.

they had tons of fun. here's my lion king girl on the lion. and micah begged to buy these binoculars, with his own money of course. at least he put them to good use on the tour bus.

see you next year or the year after that zoo!