Thursday, June 27, 2013

my college girl

malia, my dramatic girl, was in shock when i told her i enrolled her for college. she didn't even let me finish saying 'college for kids' and she was getting nervous. but she calmed down when i told her it was for kids.

college for kids has been offered for a long time. jos and i used to attend. but back then, the classes weren't as exciting. we took classes like keyboarding.

i enrolled malia for cartoon character drawing and web movies. she attended both classes monday through thursday from 1:30-4:30pm for 2 weeks.
this was the first day. i gave her the map and followed her 
as she looked for her classes. she looks so tiny. well, she is.

ready to start drawing

 on two occasions, i was able to take micah to play
with his god brothers while we waited for malia.

here are some of her drawings. she's really amazes me. and the art teacher, who used to work for dc comics said she was really good and that she should keep at it.

 my favorite one

she obviously enjoyed the drawing class more, but she is constantly making web movies at home. she doesn't want to post them on youtube though. i guess she's had a talk at school about posting content, or becoming friends with strangers on the internet, which is good.

she's already excited for next summer's classes.