Wednesday, February 6, 2013

annual physical

annual physicals for the kids just reminds me of how fast they are growing. i used to be carrying my babies to these appointments. now they are just smelly kids from school walking next to me.

i've been reminding them that their flu shot was coming. it was more for malia since she is terrified of shots. i would rather have her going in knowing she's going to get one instead of her being surprised and making a scene at the office.

here's micah getting his BP taken. he's such a good patient.

after they both completed their vitals, vision test, and hearing test, micah had to get his finger pricked to check his iron level. he didn't even flinch. malia was the one covering her eyes and whimpering and she wasn't even tested for that.

the doctor came in and handed me their results. my little malia is seriously tiny. dr garcia said we need to put a layer of fat on her. but otherwise everything looks good.

after they checked out okay, it was time for shots. micah had to get a hepatitis A shot in addition to the flu shot. he volunteered to go first. he had a sad face after the 2nd shot, but no tears. malia was already crying after micah was done. i had to hold her down. i had hoped to get a picture of her to show her how she was, but no luck. i should have had micah take the picture.

and here she is in the car, showing her band aid. i told her reenact it and make a sad face, but she refused. my now happy, healthy, tiny girl.