Wednesday, August 8, 2012

seeing daddy at school

both m&m were zone transferred so that they could attend the school where roel works. this has worked out great. very convenient for our schedules. and he sees them during school hours maybe 2 or 3 times a day because he is always walking around or going to classrooms where there is computer or user trouble.

this is malia's 4th year there now. and she loves having her daddy there. she almost milked it to the point where she was barely responsible for her things. we had to put an end to that. but she stops him in the walkway to hug or kiss him. and he loves it because he knows she won't always want to do that, especially at school, and in front of her friends.

now that micah's there, roel makes it a point to check on him to see how he's adjusting. so it's funny for me to hear about how different the kids react to having their daddy at school. roel told micah the other day, "micah, when you see me at school, you don't say 'hey man' to me, say hi daddy or just hi."

malia and i just started laughing. then malia tells micah, "because he's daddy, he's not a man." omg, my children.