Saturday, February 4, 2012

stung by a bee

i don't know anything about bee stings other than that people can have allergic reactions to them. i don't know how they feel, what they look like, what i'm supposed to do about it, etc. i also don't do well in emergency situations. so pray that you aren't alone with me in case something bad happens.

well, the bee came while we were picking up a pizza to bring to grandma's house. malia wanted her window down and was her usual energetic self. roel was getting out of the car with micah to get the pizza.

all of a sudden, she's crying and leaning on me and holding her arm out. at first i couldn't tell what happened since she was half leaning on me, but then i saw something on her arm. at first i thought she had snagged her skin on something. then i thought it was a bug so i kinda pushed her arm away from me and told roel to look at it (because i'm scared of bugs). roel pulled out the stinger, which was still pulsating, so gross. after all that, i was able step in and do my mother thing, check it and clean it. i know, mother of the year.

while micah and roel were finally inside pizza hut to get the pizza, i was consoling malia. then she says,"i hear a buzzing noise." i looked back and the bee was walking around on the floor of the car. so we got out of the car. i know that bees die after they lose their stinger, but of course i wasn't going to be the one to kill it. we waited for roel to come back and get it. malia was still crying the entire time.

roel scooped up the bee on some paper and looked at it. and then asks me out loud,"it doesn't look like a killer bee right?" so malia started crying harder. omg!

she felt a little better after roel told her the story of when he was young, he caught 10 bees in a bag, dropped the bag, and all the bees stung him. thank God she didn't have an allergic reaction to the sting. he knows i wouldn't have done well with it. and goodness, what would i have done if it were just the 2 of us?!

but now i know more about bee stings. i dabbed some toothpaste on it and it took away her pain almost instantly. now she really fears bees, and i don't blame her. it's a good thing she still likes me.