Thursday, November 3, 2011

malia is 8

the little girl turned 8 today! she thinks she is SO old. i sent cupcakes for her class at school, then i picked her up. it was her half day. we went to one of her favorite places - the mall. i told her she could pick out her birthday present since micah got to pick out his birthday present at disney world. the first thing she picked was a small toy in target. then she picked out some dresses at H&M. we also picked out her christmas dress. and then, she enjoyed a free ice cream from baskin robbins, her favorite place for ice cream.

after that, we went to buy her cake at hans&harry's. the flourless chocolate cake is still her favorite. our friend, charlotte, was sweet enough to give us the cake for free. i had also found a deal online for a small cake and cookies, and that was delivered today.

(not bad for $4, right? and it was good.)

after homework, she received a phone call from princess jasmine. it must have made her day because she immediately went to write a letter to jasmine to thank her for the phone call. i will send the letter to the fanmail address, and she should receive a picture of jasmine in a couple of weeks.