Sunday, September 25, 2011

WDW: the arrival & epcot

when we arrived in orlando, i told the kids that we had a long stopover before boarding our plane to boston. the aquinos suggested we come hang out at their hotel. so we followed them out of the terminal and headed toward the disney transportation area.

we kept passing mickey signs. the kids said nothing but, "it's mickey." we entered the line to go to the bus, kids didn't say anything. we thought the 2 older kids would for sure get it because they are both very bright, but they didn't say anything. even when we asked them where they thought we were going, they just shrugged their shoulders and said,"i don't know." we boarded the disney cruise line bus that was taking us to our hotel, they still said nothing. a video played in the bus that welcomed us to the walt disney world resort. we asked the older kids, "where are we going?" the reply, "i don't know." by then, we knew they probably had an idea but didn't want to be let down in case it wasn't true. after all, we taught them that it isn't good to lie, and here we were, we had told them little white lies for months.

i asked micah,"where are you going?" and he said,"i'm going to disney world!"

when we arrived at our resort, Pop Century, and said,"okay let's go to our rooms," malia and joshua started jumping up and down and yelling,"we're going to disney world!" they finally said it because it was confirmed.

the kids were so excited that we had adjoining rooms.


 we didn't waste any time. we put away a few things and set out for Epcot!

we started at Innoventions West, and headed on to a few other attractions. the kids were full of energy, the parents were dead tired but still excited.

Where's the Fire interactive game

at Runtime, the kids got to make their own video game they could play from home here

 too funny, they didn't know how to pose with each other

this was a perk for disney visa card holders. exclusive meet & greet and a free 5x7. it was really cool. 

The Living Seas aquarium

Journey into Imagination with Figment
 making music with their hands

our group Photopass shot

what a great first day it was. too good to be true that we made it. Disney is truly magical!