Friday, May 6, 2011

my early mother's day

today felt more like mother's day to me.

i brought micah to school this morning because his preschool was having a breakfast for mother's day. not all together, it was optional, and you could take the goodies to go. i didn't go last year so i really wanted to go this time. they had all sorts of bagels, breakfast pastries, pound cake, juice, and coffee. it was really nice. i really don't know why i didn't take a picture of it.

i stayed for a little bit to have breakfast with my boy. and since he doesn't eat bread (except for breadsticks), he just ate the cereal we brought and had some juice.

when we were done, he gave me the things he made in class for mother's day. i gave him a big hug and had to go. i didn't really read the card and sign until i got to the car. then i started crying because it was so sweet. and then i started crying more because i started missing my mom. so there i was, crying while driving to work.

when malia came home, she brought me tulips and several cards she made. she wanted to get me blue tulips since i like blue, but since they didn't have blue, purple was the closest to it.

she made some cute cards, and then i noticed one was a book, about me. i was almost scared to read it because she can say some random things sometimes. but i loved it, and i was cracking up.

yes, i like to nap but it's rare that i get to. i normally joke around with her that napping is a fun game. nice reminder of how old i am.

that's the best one: my mom is african! hilarious. she has been saying this since she was learning the continents in preschool and i told her i was born in africa. she thinks daddy is hawaiian because he was born in hawaii.

i love mother's day! it's so emotional, but so much fun. and i love all these presents from my silly kids.