Friday, April 8, 2011

ballroom dance club

malia has been participating in her school's ballroom dance club. they meet after school twice a week, but she only goes once a week since it overlaps with school choir. she's tried to teach me a couple of dances at home. i did take a ballroom dance class in college, but remember nothing. so it's nice learning from her and watching her and having that 'oh yeah' moment.

anyways, they had a performance this afternoon since the club is finished for the school year. there are only 2 boys in the club, so the girls pair up. in one of the dances, malia and her partner were both trying to lead, it was funny. in another dance, her partner was almost twice her size. but she did great. my favorite was the tango.

after they were finished with all of their dances, they took partners from the audience. she picked me for one and grandpa vic for another. it was cute.

i'm sure she'll join this club next year. one of the best parts about it is that it's free!