Monday, December 21, 2009

m&m on ice

we went to darius' ice skating birthday party yesterday at the kroc center in la mesa. malia was so excited to ice skate. i hadn't been ice skating in years, but i managed to do alright. for the first 3 rounds around the rink, malia wanted to hold on to the rail. then she became more brave and we were able to go around just holding hands. then we took a break and micah said to me several times,"i want to ice skate, pwees mama." how could i say no to those big brown eyes? so i got him some skates and brought him into the rink. he was okay at first when he just kept his feet still and i pushed him along. but when he moved his feet and realized how slippery it was, he wanted me to carry him. he went around the rink once and wanted out. then it was back to malia. she was really determined to skate and let go of me and did it all on her own! she was having so much fun she didn't care if she fell down. i hope to take her back there soon.