Wednesday, April 15, 2009

the easter bunny, taxes, and 2 kids

even though i had every intention of getting ready for easter early, it didn't happen. i felt like easter snuck up on me. but we had a beautiful holy week. it was cute on palm sunday when malia asked me why we were holding grass in church. i guess we got the skinny palm leaves. then up until friday i was explaining to her why we celebrate easter. last year, she knew only the basics, this year was full of questions, mostly "why?". so i had to go into detail. i even surprised myself with some of my answers! on good friday, we went to st rose. it's always unpredictable going to church with the kids because we never know how they will act, but i'm glad they behaved for the passion. OVC sang the passion this year. it was so touching, i got chills. i almost cried but then micah started picking his nose. after that it was downhill. micah wanted to get up and walk around, wash his hands in the holy water, and then he was crying for daddy. at least malia did well and sat with the choir the entire time. micah and i ended up leaving early because his diaper leaked onto my shirt. and i even changed him right before we left! must have given him too much milk to try to keep him quiet =). on easter sunday, the kids enjoyed their baskets from the easter bunny. micah was thrilled to get some pringles and could care less about his new shirt. pringles are okay with me, no artificial ingredients & no preservatives. malia was excited about her peep bubbles because it matched her peep basket. wow, the easter bunny should always be on a budget! after that we went to mass at st jeromes and saw some old friends. of course, micah and i were outside half of the mass. it was just like old times with lia. lunch was spent at the grandpa & grandma's. micah hit his head on the concrete outside, i nearly lost my mind. but he was okay. the kids did an egg hunt there and lia came home with a ladybug. picked up dinner at goldilocks and jos & family came over. jonah ran into the table and hit his mouth. must have been injury day for the boys. and of course joelle was all smiles for her 1st easter.

the easter bunny gave me turbotax in my basket. so then i was stressed because of course it was last minute and we owed the state. you would think because we have 2 kids we would get some kind of break. darn it arnold! our taxes were mailed this afternoon. what a relief! and thank goodness for webpay so that we're able to schedule for a future payment!

this year is already flying by, and my 2 kids are growing up. rewind to monday when i got home, malia had brought home her school picture proofs. and i didn't realize they took her picture with the cap and gown since she'll be graduating from kinder. i cried. she looked so beautiful, so grown up in the picture! and then there's my micah who amazes me with his talking skills. he is getting better with his sentences and knows a lot more words now. this afternoon he looked up in the sky and said "couds" (clouds), didn't even know he knew that. then he practices words in the car. on the way home he said,"papa, da-day, mama, ate." my favorite one so far is "hapface" for happy face.