Friday, November 28, 2008

no more target

first black friday outing for the kids. we decided to go to the mall so we could hit more than one store. it went well at first, we found parking right away and the kids were fine in the sit-n-stand stroller. but of course after 30 minutes, micah wanted out. then malia started whining. they were fine again after we ate lunch. but then daddy needed to visit another target since the target there sold out of what he was trying to buy. so off to a 2nd target but they had also sold out even though they told him at the 1st target that they still had some. malia was really getting impatient at that point since she really wanted to enjoy her things we had bought at the mall. finally at the 3rd target, daddy was able to get what he wanted. but micah just wanted to run all over the store. didn't want to hold my hand or be carried. and when i picked him up he would scream. so, we were all happy to get home. malia will probably never want to go to target with me again.