Saturday, October 11, 2008

1st haircut, 1st visit

micah got his 1st haircut today at pigtails & crewcuts.
this is the before picture. notice his hair touches the bottom of his ears. we call him a lion when he wakes up in the morning because it's everywhere.
this is during the haircut. he did really well, only wanted to see where the noise was coming from. the animal crackers they gave us helped him stay put. and he enjoyed driving his racecar for a little while.
the after picture. wait, who is this little boy?

today was also m&m's 1st visit to see their cousin joelle. joelle is 2weeks old now, but since we had germies, we weren't able to visit her until now. malia was so excited to be able to hold her, she practiced with her dolls all morning. we attempted to get all the kids to take a picture but that didn't happen since the 2 boys don't stay still. but the 2 girls are just sweet. i'm sure they'll grow up like sisters.